Why Kutes Metal?
About Kutes
Our History
Why Kutes Metal?
Your experienced partner in casting and machining.
Annual casting capacity of 50.000 tons per year.
55.000 hours per year machining capacity.
Produced with cutting edge technology.
30+ years of experience in metal industry.
Great location; 100km to Istanbul, 150 km to European Union border, 35 km to Port.
About Kutes
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Founded in 1990 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil as Kutes Döküm, KUTES Metal started production in 1993. In 2017, KUTES Metal detached casting and machining operations establishing Kutes Döküm and Kutes Makine brands under the umbrella company KUTES Metal.

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Our History
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KUTES Metal was founded in 1990 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil as Kutes Döküm under the roof of Kutes Madencilik which has been operating since 1986. The company, active in the field of iron casting, made its first casting in 1992 and concentrated on producing fittings by 1993.

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Kutes Metal draws attention with its brand vision and mission in 9 different sectors in order to provide the best quality service. It provides high-quality service to its partners by blending technology with imagination. It always aims the best for its existing and potential business partners and increases the product range day by day.

Otomotiv 2 Otomotiv 2
İklimlendirme İklimlendirme
Tarım Tarım
Sanayi ve İş Makineleri Sanayi ve İş Makineleri
Heavy Duty Machines
İnşaat İnşaat
Parça (Yan Sanayi) Parça (Yan Sanayi)
After Market
Demiryolu 2 Demiryolu 2
Pompa & Valf Pompa & Valf
Pump & Valve
Hidrolik ve Pnömatik Hidrolik ve Pnömatik
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Kutes Blog

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Döküm Teknolojisinin Tarihçesi Card

History of Casting Technology

For the first time in the world, casting production started with the discovery of bronze casting in Anatolia. Casting spread around the world through trade passing through Istanbul.

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Döküm Süreçleri Card

How is Casting Done? What are the Types of Casting?

Modern manufacturing methods, in which a new one is added every day, play an important role in the development of production technologies. However, there are some methods that, although technology develops, it maintains its indispensability with its advantages.

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Talaşlı İmalat Card

What are the chip formation methods?

Chip Formation became known with the wood industry in the 18th century and later became popular and widespread in the 20th century by being used in iron forming processes. There are different chip formation methods depending on the process to be applied, the shape to be given and the material to be used.

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Güneş Enerjisi Panelleri Card

How Solar Panels Work?

Solar energy is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources that can be converted into electrical energy or thermal energy. Many countries around the world have extremely large resources in terms of solar energy use. Solar energy technologies offer highly economical and efficient solutions for commercial, industrial or individual uses.

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