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Cookie Policy

When you access or engage with our website, services, applications, tools, and messaging, we, or our authorized service providers, utilize cookies, web beacons, and comparable technologies to retain information and facilitate advertising efforts. This enables us to offer you an enhanced, swifter, and more secure user experience. The Company has prepared this Cookie Policy (“Policy”) to elucidate the types of cookies employed on the website and to delineate how users can regulate their preferences with regard to cookies. For detailed information on how your personal data is processed by the Company, we suggest reviewing the Disclosure Text on the Protection of Personal Data.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

We employ technologies like cookies, which are essentially small data files positioned on your devices like computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other similar devices (collectively referred to as “devices”). These cookies are stored on your devices or network servers through web browsers and are used by websites you visit and enable us to capture specific information as you interact with these websites.

Cookies are concise text files, typically comprised of letters and numbers, that are stored in your browser’s memory or on your device when you access a website or view a message.

There are several types of cookies:

Session cookies and persistent cookies are used based on the duration of your activity.

  • Session cookies expire when your browser session concludes. They enable us to link your actions within a particular browsing session.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device between browser sessions, allowing us to remember your preferences and actions on many sites.

The Website employs various types of cookies based on their intended purposes, including technical cookies, authentication cookies, targeting/advertising cookies, personalization cookies, and analytical cookies.

  • First-party cookies are defined by the site you visit.
  • Third-party cookies are identified by the third-party website distinct from the page you are browsing.
  • Cookies can be disabled or removed with tools available in most browsers. Your preferences must be configured individually for each browser you use, as different browsers provide distinct functions and options.

Web Beacons are small graphic images, sometimes referred to as “pixel tags” or “clear GIFs”, which can be integrated into our website, services, applications, messaging, and tools. They frequently collaborate with cookies to recognize our users and monitor user behavior.

Similar technologies include flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, and other internet applications. These technologies store information on your browser or device through mechanisms like local shared objects or local storage, often utilizing software-based methods. These technologies can function across all your web browsers and, in certain instances, might not be entirely controlled via your browser settings. Instead, they might necessitate direct management through your installed applications or devices. We may use these technologies to store information collected to target advertising to you on or off our Website.

We might use the terms “cookies” and “similar technologies” to refer, but not exclusively, to any technology employed to store data on your browser or device, gathering information or aiding in identifying you in the manner elucidated earlier.

Your preferences and our use of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

We offer several site features, services, applications, and tools accessible exclusively through these technologies. You always have the option to block, delete, or deactivate these technologies if your browser, installed application, or device supports such actions. However, if you reject cookies and similar technologies, you might be unable to fully utilize certain features, services, applications, and tools available on the Website. Additionally, you may have to re-enter your password more frequently throughout your browser session. For more detailed information on how to block, delete, or deactivate these technologies, please refer to your browser and device settings.

In general, these technologies assist us in storing information about our Website, Services, and applications on your browser or device. This stored information is subsequently utilized to recognize you when you interact with our server or internal systems. When relevant, we take measures to safeguard our cookies and similar technologies, ensuring that they can be comprehended or traced solely by us and/or our authorized service providers. We achieve this by assigning unique identifiers meant to be understood exclusively by us. We do not store your personal data in cookies or similar technologies implemented by us.

The collection and storage of personal data through the utilization of these technologies occur following the process of informing and obtaining consent. This consent is secured by transparently notifying you of our implementation of these technologies and presenting you with the choice to opt-out, as detailed earlier.

The consent granted to the Cookie Policy by our members who create user accounts on our site, as well as users who provide their information for transactions even without creating an account, encompasses the utilization of the technologies delineated within this section. Nonetheless, if you are merely visiting our Website without registering an account or conducting transactions without account creation, your consent is also acquired through the outlined approach.

We use these technologies under the following general categories:

  1. Operationally Necessary. We may use essential cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to ensure the proper functioning of our Website, services, applications, and tools. These include technologies that enable your access to our Website, services, applications, and tools. They are essential for identifying unusual site behavior, preventing fraudulent activities, enhancing security, and facilitating features such as shopping carts, saved searches, or similar functionalities.
  2. Performance-Based. We may use cookies, web beacons, and comparable technologies to assess the performance of our site, applications, services, and tools. This includes their incorporation into our analytics practices to gain insights into how our visitors engage with our website. These technologies also assist in assessing interactions with our messaging, gauging your engagement with products or links, and enhancing the content of our websites, applications, services, and tools.
  3. Functionality-Based. We may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies designed to offer you enhanced functionality as you access or utilize our Website, services, applications, and tools. This may involve recognizing you when you log in to our site or tracking your acknowledged preferences, interests, and previously viewed products. This information aids us in enhancing the delivery of content on our Website.
  4. Advertising- or Targeting-Based. We may use first-party or third-party cookies and web beacons to deliver content, including advertising relevant to your interests, on our Website or on third-party sites. These include the use of technologies to understand the usefulness of advertising and content presented to you, such as whether you click on any advertisements.

Rejecting first-party advertising-related cookies or third-party advertising-related cookies and web beacons, as detailed below, does not imply that you won’t encounter our advertisements. It simply signifies that these advertisements won't be personalized for you using first-party or third-party cookies, web beacons, or related technologies.

Should you desire to opt-out of all other forms of technology employed on our Website, services, applications, or tools, you have the option to block, delete, or deactivate them in accordance with the capabilities of your browser or device.

How to Prevent the Use of Cookies

Although the utilization of cookies enhances the Website’s service quality, you have the option to prevent their use. However, it’s important to note that in such instances, the Website’s functionality may be compromised, and you might not be able to access all of its features. To prevent the use of cookies, you must adjust the settings of your browser. These changes vary depending on the device and internet browser you are using. Outlined below is information on the steps to follow for preventing the use of cookies across various internet browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer
    1. Access the desktop and click or tap on the Internet Explorer icon located on the taskbar.
    2. Click on the “Tools” button and then select “Interne” options.
    3. Click or tap on the “Privacy” tab, and you can proceed from there through the “Advanced Settings” menu.
  2. Microsoft Edge
    1. From the upper-right corner of your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the section represented by three dots, and then proceed to “Settings”.
    2. In the newly opened window, opt for “Select Items to Clean”, and choose the sections you wish to clean from the ensuing window.
    3. There are many sections here. Initiate the cleaning process by selecting the option you desire.
  3. Google Chrome
    1. Open Chrome on your computer.
    2. Click on “More Settings” located at the upper-right corner.
    3. Click on “Advanced” located at the bottom.
    4. Navigate to “Privacy and Security” and click on “Site settings”.
    5. Click on “Cookies”.
    6. Locate the name of the Website within the “All Cookies and Website Data” section.
    7. Click on the “Remove” icon situated to the right of the website’s name.
  4. Mozilla Firefox
    1. Click on the “Firefox Menu” button and then choose “Options”.
    2. Choose the “Privacy and Security” panel, then navigate to the “History” section.
    3. Adjust the Firefox setting to “Use custom settings for history”.
    4. Click on the “Show cookies...” button. The “Cookies” window will appear.
    5. In the “Search” field, type the name of the site for which you want to delete cookies. Cookies that match your search will be displayed.
    6. Choose the cookie(s) you wish to delete, then click on the “Delete selected” button.
    7. Close the “Cookies” window by clicking the “Close” button. Afterward, close the “about:preferences” tab.
  5. Safari
    1. Go to “Preferences”.
    2. Click on “Privacy”.
    3. Click on “Website Data”.

Select one or more websites, then proceed to click on “Delete” or “Delete All”. Additionally, you have the option to eliminate all cookies retained by the websites you visit using third-party software.

Use of these technologies by authorized third-party service providers

Subject to your consent, we might collaborate with third-party entities, often referred to as service providers, who are permitted to deploy third-party cookies, web beacons, and akin technologies on our site or within our services, applications, and tools for the purpose of storing information. These service providers help us to provide an enhanced, swifter, and more secure experience to you.

These service providers may use these technologies to assist us in delivering content and advertising, as well as compiling anonymous site metrics and analytics. We do not permit these service providers to gather your personal data on our site, services, applications, or tools for their own purposes. These service providers are bound by confidentiality agreements they have concluded with us, in addition to adhering to other legal constraints that govern their processing and collection of personal data. Third-party cookies fall under the purview of the privacy policies established by the respective third parties.

We may use cookies or the aforementioned technologies through our service providers to offer you personalized and interest-based advertising, as well as to analyze your interactions with our Website. In this context, we utilize the subsequent third-party cookies or technologies to present you with advertisements aligned with your potential interests, enhance the usability of our Site, and derive usage statistics:

  • Facebook audience building, advertising and targeting technologies (such as Facebook Customer Audience and Facebook WSCA);
  • Google advertising services (e.g. DoubleClick for Publishers, Google DoubleClick AdX Service, Adwords);
  • Mediaplex;
  • Hot Jar;
  • Criteo;
  • Gravity Recommendation;
  • Visual Website Optimizer;
  • Webinstats;
  • Visilabs;
  • IBM Tealeaf;
  • Adjust;

Facebook and Google may cross-reference the data collected through our Website with their proprietary data and process the acquired personal data in accordance with their respective privacy policies. (For Facebook Privacy Policy, you can visit, and for Google Privacy Policy, you can visit

The Facebook Customer Audience Terms and Conditions can be found at

Nonetheless, we also employ Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics to evaluate and gauge your interactions with our Website.

Apart from the utilization of these technologies by our service providers and other authorized third parties, we do not permit third-party content on the sites (like product listings, member communications, serial listings, comments, reviews) to incorporate or employ cookies, web beacons, similar technologies, or gather your personal data for tracking purposes. If you suspect that any listing or other third-party content is collecting personal data or utilizing tracking technologies on any of our sites, we kindly request that you inform us via our Customer Service.

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