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The foundations of Kutes were laid by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil in 1986. Our founder, who focused on subcontracting activities for coal mining in İstanbul in the early years, decided to invest in an iron casting factory in Çorlu, Tekirdağ in 1990. The first casting at the Kutes production facilities took place in 1992.

In 2016, Kutes expanded its operations to include machining and officially founded Kutes Makine in 2017. With the establishment of Kutes Makine, which boasts nine distinct CNC machining tools and a machining capacity of 60,000 hours, the processes of casting and machining were separated.


The same year, Kutes Döküm added an automatic horizontal casting line from Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) to the existing George Fischer (GF) line.  These advancements resulted in expanding Kutes’ ductile iron (GGG) and pig iron (GG) casting capacity to 50,000 tons.  Spanning 207.000 m2 today, Kutes’ production facilities were designated as a special industrial zone in 2023.  In the same year, Kutes Enerji was established following the completion of 26 Mwp capacity solar energy plant investments in Kırklareli and Edirne.


As of today, Kutes Döküm boasts a melting capacity of 16 tons per hour, two horizontal molding lines with a mold capacity of 120, and a casting capacity of 50 thousand tons.  Meanwhile, Kutes Makine drives production through 16 distinct CNC machining tools, with a capacity of 100 thousand hours, powered by 60% green energy.


Kutes Metal provides services with 12 quality certifications to 9 different sectors, including automotive, agriculture, heavy duty machines, construction, air-conditioning, hydraulics & pneumatics, after market, railway, pumps, and valves.

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