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Founded in 1990 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil as Kutes Döküm, KUTES Metal started production in 1992. In 2017, KUTES Metal detached casting and machining operations establishing Kutes Döküm and Kutes Makine brands under the umbrella company KUTES Metal.

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Kutes was founded in 1986 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil. During this period, he established Kutes Madencilik and carried out subcontracting activities for coal mining in İstanbul. In 1990 Bekir Kutmangil decided to embark on a new venture and started an iron casting foundry investment in the province of Tekirdağ/Çorlu. The company, active in the field of iron casting, made its first casting in 1992 and concentrated on producing fittings by 1993.

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Kutes Metal draws attention with its brand vision and mission in 9 different sectors in order to provide the best quality service. It provides high-quality service to its partners by blending technology with imagination. It always aims the best for its existing and potential business partners and increases the product range day by day.

  • Otomotiv Icon Icon Otomotiv Siyah Automotive
  • Icon Tarım 1 Icon Tarim Siyah Agriculture
  • Icon Ismakine 1 Icon Ismakine Siyah Heavy Duty Machines
  • Icon Insaat 1 Icon Insaat Hover Construction
  • Icon Iklimlendirme 1 Icon Iklimlendirme Siyah Air-Conditioning
  • Hidrolik Hidrolik Hover Hydraulics& Pneumatics
  • Icn Yansanayi Icon Yansanayi Siyah After Market
  • Demiryolu Icon Demiryolu Siyah Railway
  • Icn Pompavana Icn Bpompavana Pump & Valve
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