Quality Control

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In the iron casting industry, high standards must be achieved and all parts must be of equal quality. For this reason, quality control procedures are of utmost importance. Quality control procedures are applied at every stage of the production process. Kutes Döküm, one of the pioneers of the iron casting industry in Turkey, rigorously monitors all stages of ductile iron and pig iron production through its quality control laboratories and a team of experts. This ensures that each component it produces maintains impeccable quality, while consistently upholding its standards and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.


At Kutes, we conduct thorough analyses of every step within the casting and production processes, utilizing our dependable quality control infrastructure and advanced equipment.  This comprehensive approach allows us to swiftly detect and address any issues, guaranteeing that each product leaving our production lines not only meets impeccable quality standards but also boasts durability and excels in performance.

Quality Laboratories

  • ZeissPrismo 3D CMM
  • ZeissContura 3D CMM
  • Mitutoyo Formtracer S4C3000-D
  • Ultrasonic Tester meaMahr Surface Roughness Measurement Device
  • DMG MORI UNO 20/70 Tool Measurement Device
  • Paint Thickness Measurement Device

Materials Laboratory

  • ARL 4460 Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • OBLF Optical Spectrometer
  • NCS Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • EMCO TEST Hardness Testing Device Dura Vision 40 (up to 5,750 HB)
  • OLYMPUS MP3 ADL Microscope & Nikon Eclipse MA100
  • ALŞA Universal Tensile Strength Measurement Device
  • ALŞA Notch Impact Strength Measurement Device
  • GF Sand Testing Equipment
  • NOVACAST ATAS Metstar Thermal Analysis System
  • AXE-B11 – 3D Scanner

Heat Treatment Equipment

Kutes Döküm uses Sistem-Teknik’s Bach-type heat treatment furnace, which has a 5-ton capacity per charge, for heat treatment processes

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