Engineering & Quality

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At Kutes, we deliver top-tier quality services in engineering and industrial design through our cutting-edge technology, substantial capacity, and experienced team working with an interdisciplinary approach.

Quality Control

We recognize the utmost significance of the quality control process to attain the highest standards and maintain consistent quality across all components in the iron casting industry.

At Kutes, during our operations in ductile iron (GGG) and pig iron (GI) production and machining, we rigorously apply our quality control procedures at each production phase to ensure optimal efficacy.

Utilizing our internationally recognized quality control laboratories and a team of experts, we rigorously monitor every stage of ductile iron (GGG) and pig iron (GI) casting, melting, sanding, and grinding operations with the highest level of precision and meticulous attention.

This ensures that each component we produce maintains impeccable quality, while we consistently uphold our standards and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Quality Guarantee Certificates

At Kutes, what sets us apart in our services are our cutting-edge production facilities designed for high-volume manufacturing, our proficient team, and the principles of our “Quality Policy” that we follow rigorously to ensure top-notch production quality at all times.

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Kutes Engineering and Method

Thanks to its advanced technology capabilities and a diverse team of experts from different fields, Kutes provides a wide range of services for designing and manufacturing products.

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