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Kutes Metal has different services to be active in the field of automotive technology and engineering. It demonstrates its quality in parts thanks to the production of axle housings and covers for vehicles. In light commercial vehicles Kutes Metal produces in the category of tren disks and campana. In the heavy commercial vehicle category, it expands its service scope with the production of spring bracket, bearing bracket and crankcase.

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You can access heating and cooling devices and air conditioner parts used in conditioning systems. You can safely prefer the stator cover and cylinder head spare parts that air conditioning companies and users need.

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Kutes Metal becomes one of the first choices for high-quality parts needed in a country such as Turkey, which is highly engaged in agriculture. It has differential housing, flywheel and stabilizer products for tools and equipment used in agricultural activities.

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Heavy Duty Machines

You can get the parts required for the machines, which are very important for import and export. You can examine the housing, flywheel, pulley and carrier models for your heavy-duty machines used in the construction, agriculture and production sectors.

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Safety and workpieces, which are important for the future of the construction industry, are produced with Kutes difference. The model range in the construction is quite wide, from rope pulleys and overspeed test wheel products.

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After Market

Kutes Metal demonstrates its success in spare parts with flywheel and bevel gear models that are fully compatible with the machines and make a name for themselves with the high quality they have.

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Kutes Metal stands out with the safe braking system required by the railway vehicles used for transportation and logistics. You can benefit from Kutes quality in the components that make up the braking systems.

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Pump & Valve

Kutes Metal provides a significant service to the sector thanks to the pump and valve parts that complete the pieces of machinery. You can meet your needs among the cover flange and cover body models.

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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

The connection plate and the bodies in the machines working with the hydraulic systems draw attention to the first-class quality of Kutes Metal and offer high durability.

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