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In recent years, sustainable production processes have become one of our foremost priorities at Kutes.

We have adopted a conscientious production philosophy that encompasses numerous domains, such as the extensive integration of renewable energy sources, achieving a carbon-neutral footprint, contributing positively to the local community of Çorlu, Tekirdağ, where we conduct our operations, and sponsoring educational initiatives for the younger generation.

Aligned with our roadmap for sustainability and the fight against climate change, we embrace the principle of “Green Casting”, which we consider not just an option, but an imperative for our planet. With this conviction, we are committed to achieving pioneering and exemplary goals within the casting industry in our country, as we persistently move forward on this path.

Kutes Ethics

Kutes’ code of conduct and ethical principles can be found here.

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Being at the forefront of sustainable innovations within our industry, making continuous investments in environmentally friendly projects, and showcasing unwavering respect for our planet in every endeavor are commitments deeply ingrained in Kutes.

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Social Benefit

Committed to leading and setting an example in our industry, we collaborate with a range of companies on diverse projects to address the needs of both our sector and our community.  Leveraging our years of experience, we invest to make a meaningful impact and raise awareness, dedicating our utmost effort to construct a brighter future in this iron age we have initiated.

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At Kutes, what sets us apart in our services are our cutting-edge production facilities designed for high-volume manufacturing, our proficient team, and the principles of our “Quality Policy” that we follow rigorously to ensure top-notch production quality at all times.

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Sustainability Report

To further enhance our collaboration with stakeholders and business partners, and to share our commitment to sustainability and climate change mitigation with both them and the wider public, we publish all the steps we have taken thus far in our Sustainability Report.

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