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Founded in 1986 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil as Kutes Döküm, KUTES Metal started production in 1992. In 2017, KUTES Metal detached casting and machining operations establishing Kutes Döküm and Kutes Makine brands under the umbrella company KUTES Metal. In the same year, Kutes Döküm installed the Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) automatic horizontal casting line increasing its nodular and gray cast iron capacity to 50 thousand tons. Simultaneously, KUTES Makine was opened with nine autonomous CNC machining units.In 2022, it increased its capacity to 100,000 hours with 14 machines. The excellent quality of the facility and management, producing over a thousand independent parts for prominent international brands, has been certified by nine separate certificates for nine different sectors. In Kutes Döküm, George Fischer (GF) and HWS horizontal automatic molding lines can each make 120 molds of nodular and gray cast iron per hour with a capacity to cast 50 thousand tons per year.


KUTES Makine, which stands out with its precision machining and outstanding engineering capabilities, is capable of uninterrupted machining for approximately 100 thousand hours. KUTES Metal’s exemplary facilities employing more than 350 people are governed with our responsible production policy, covering but not limited to reducing carbon footprint in production and operation, positive discriminatory employment approach and employee safety.


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Ranging over 130 thousand square meters of campus with facilities on thirty thousand square meters KUTES Metal offers opportunities to its business partners with its strategic location in Çorlu district. Çorlu is Turkey's third largest industrial zone at the intersection of many strategic transportation networks hosting more than a thousand factories. KUTES Metal is 35 km from Çorlu commercial seaport, 100 km from Istanbul Airport, one of the largest airports in the world, and only 155 km from the European Union border. The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is planned to be completed in 2022, will further diversify the accessibility of Çorlu.

Combining its production capacity with the advantage of its location, KUTES Metal offers its local and global customers the benefits of practical logistics and efficient process tracking by providing one-stop casting and machining services. KUTES Metal is an industrial brand producing at the global standards continuing to grow by adding new sectors to its production range, taking its mission Dedication to Perfection of 30 Years to heart since the day it was founded.

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